Official Contacts

Official Vendors

Registration and Hotel Information
MCI USA (formerly Wyndham Jade)
Telephone: (800) 486-9644
Fax: (972) 349-7715
Conventus Media Become an Exhibitor, Sponsorship and Branding Opportunities, Corporate Symposia & Product Theaters
Conventus Media
Kathleen Noonan
Telephone: (781) 375-8584
Brennah Tate
TriStar Publishing
Telephone: (913) 378-2482
AADE Gregg Lapin, CMP
Director of Meeting Services
Telephone: (312) 601-4816
AADE Jackie Bellan, CMP
Meetings Manager
Telephone: (312) 601-4876
AADE Media Inquiries
Diana Pihos, Director of Marketing & Communications


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