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Quick Luck Fake Pee — Ingredients, Usage, and Reviews

When you see the Quick Luck Synthetic Urine, you may wonder: Who will be required to use the fake pee products? Urine drug tests are a common choice for testing U.S. employees, especially when it comes to jobs that focus on safety.

According to the report posted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, annually, more and more employers use DOT-certified urine drug tests as pre-employment checkups for potential candidates for job vacancies. Such an approach allows the creation of a safe and efficient working environment. However, such a policy can be bad news for frequent substance users because it is quite challenging to pass such tests.

If someone regularly uses substances like marijuana, cocaine, opioids, or amphetamines, they need a safe and effective solution to pass the laboratory drug tests.

While overcoming addiction requires professional help, products like Quick Luck fake pee offer a way to maintain employment. Quick Luck Synthetic Urine is expertly crafted to mimic real urine, fooling most laboratories. This guide explores its chemical formula, effects, and other key aspects.

Quick Luck fake pee

How Does Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Stand Out?

Quick Luck Synthetic Urine is a specific fake urine product that helps drug users. It stands out thanks to its thorough design and careful attention to detail. Made by the Clear Choice brand, Quick Luck Synthetic Urine offers a full package to pass any laboratory drug test. It is one of the greatest choices for urinalysis because of the constantly adapting policy. The Clear Choice maker releases new products every other year to make sure you can pass the test with their synthetic urine product.

What Is in the Quick Luck Box?

This product was specifically made for regular and/or heavy substance users. This pre-mixed, unisex product provides an easy and strong answer to getting negative results in drug tests. Each Quick Luck Premium Synthetic Urine kit includes a 3 oz bottle with fake pee – the normal volume for the test sample. Also, each box has a detailed manual with instructions, heat pads for temperature control, and a temperature strip to keep the mix warm within the necessary range.

The Chemical Formula of Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

The product’s formula has a mixture of 11 important chemical substances mixed with natural human urine. The Quick Luck Synthetic Urine ingredients are uric acid, urea, and creatinine, among others. This blend of components not only imitates the visual attributes of urine but also mimics the response of an organic urine sample under different testing conditions. The Quick Luck product’s formula has a real urine balance of pH, specific gravity, and creatinine levels. It looks, smells, and “acts” like real human pee, even under the microscope.

Quick Luck – Key Features and Specifications

  • Biocide-Free Formula. Unlike some other synthetic urines, Quick Luck doesn’t include biocides. These artificial preservers can imitate real pee, but they are also easy to detect;
  • Heat Activation System. A powder of heat activator and two pads for heat are part of the kit. They have been made in such a way as to make the fake pee warm like a natural body temperature fast, as well as keep it at this same warmth for enough time so that you can finish your test. This method is very important when it comes to passing the stage where they check if the urine’s temperature matches what’s expected during drug testing using urine samples;
  • Full Kit. Every Quick Luck kit contains all the necessary components to pass a urine drug test successfully. This includes the artificial pee, a strip to check the temperature of the sample’s warmth, heat activator powder, and two pads of heat. It also comes with clear instructions that help users prepare and apply the mix carefully;

When you pick Quick Luck Synthetic Urine, it means you get the product that has very high success rates in any drug-testing situation. The accurate formula and simple Quick Luck instructions give an important edge to users who need a trustworthy and hard-to-detect fake pee product. All these factors make Quick Luck Synthetic Urine one of the best options available in the fake pee market.

How to Pass a Drug Test with Quick Luck Premium Synthetic Urine Kit?

To pass a urine drug test, follow the Quick Luck instructions inside the box precisely. If you fail this task, your success chances will decrease significantly.

Use the Quick Luck product in such a way:

  • Read the Quick Luck Synthetic Urine instructions carefully;
  • The bottle should have a safety seal to prevent any contamination. Remove the seal to open the bottle. Open on the test day;
  • The product doesn’t require mixing. Instead, you should warm it up before giving the sample. The required temp range is between 94°F – 100°F. Use the products from the kit to warm the sample;
  • Peel off the paper from the heating pad’s back part and press the heating pad against any side of the bottle. Keep it inside the bottle untouched for 1 hour or less. After this procedure, the required warmth level will remain for 9-10 hours (if you use the pad correctly);
  • If you need to heat the sample as soon as possible, use the heating activator powder. Place a bit of the powder inside the bottle, close, shake gently, and wait for 10 seconds to let it work;
  • Use the temperature strip to check the sample’s temperature range before giving it to a test. Make sure to maintain the bottle with the attached temperature strip pointing outwards from the body. In such a way, prevent any false readings caused by the body heat;

Tips and Precautions:

  • Open the Quick Luck bottle only a few hours before the test to prevent bacteria growth and contamination;
  • You can store this product open in a fridge for 48 hours or in a freezer for 6 months;
  • The most important thing for passing the test is to heat the synthetic urine precisely. If the sample does not have the temperature level of the body’s natural urine, it will probably be marked as not valid at the lab;

Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Reviews

Almost all Quick Luck reviews are positive, but few opinions reflect the user’s negative attitude toward the prices and the product’s availability.

Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Reviews

This comment on Reddit is positive. According to the user, the product turned out to be beyond expectations. The user claims it was easy to keep the sample at the required warmth and admits the decent volume.

Quick Luck Synthetic Urine review

The Quick Luck Synthetic Urine review in this Reddit comment describes in detail how the user heated the sample and gave it to a test in California. He successfully passed the test and recommends using only premixed solutions with activation powders.

Quick Luck Synthetic Urine instructions

This review is also positive, though the user activated and stored the product in the wrong way. However, even this fact didn’t prevent the user from passing the test successfully.

Where to Buy Quick Luck Synthetic Urine?

The easiest way to buy Quick Luck fake pee is online. You can order straight from the Clear Choice website or find a seller who offers Quick Luck Synthetic Urine on Amazon, eBay, etc.

Keep in mind that it is impossible to find this product at Walgreens and other local pharmacies due to the legal restrictions in such states as Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Wisconsin. Otherwise, sellers and buyers may receive fines. For example, due to “The Mississippi Urine Trouble Act,” a local person will have to pay a $ 1,000 fine or get a 6-month jail sentence for selling, buying, or using any fake pee product.

However, it is worth looking for these kits at local headshops if your state doesn’t have legal restrictions.

As for the price, the most budget-friendly option is on the manufacturer’s website. Usually, you ought to spend about $ 100 per single Quick Luck kit. Sometimes the seller’s website may offer bundles with a kit and drug test. Such packages may cost up to $ 200.

Buying a single kit from an official manufacturer is more cost-effective than any other option because Clear Choice frequently offers discounts and free U.S. shipping.

Quick Luck Synthetic Urine – Pros and Cons

Just like any other fake pee product, Quick Luck has a few advantages and disadvantages. Pros are more numerous, while the drawbacks mostly refer to the product’s price and availability at local stores.


  • Unisex;
  • Doesn’t contain detected biocides;
  • It comes as a premixed formula;
  • Realistic look and content;
  • There are temp strips, heat pads, and heat activators to keep the fake pee sample warm;
  • High success rate, according to many Quick Luck reviews;
  • Free shipping, a money-back guarantee, and discounts if you buy from the official maker website;


  • Expensive – about $ 100 per small, one-time bottle with heating elements;
  • Not available at most local stores;

What Additional Products Does Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Need?

Some products can help you use Quick Luck more efficiently, especially if you are in a hurry. The kit includes heating pads, heat-activating powder, and temperature strips, the use of which was already covered above. Also, you may additionally buy a synthetic urine belt to keep the bottle with the sample close to your body under your clothes. The Quick Luck kit doesn’t have it but covers any other needs of those people who need to use the sample with fake pee literally on the go.

The process of using Quick Luck Synthetic Urine demands following the instructions precisely. It is better to train how to use the product 3-5 times at home before giving the sample for a test. Such an approach helps to build confidence and learn the basics of temperature maintenance.

Quick Luck Synthetic Urine vs. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Some users do not see much difference between Quick Luck Synthetic Urine and Quick Fix Synthetic Urine because of the similar product titles. Though these products are different, they have various formulas and manufacturers.

Check the comparison table for these two fake pee products.

Feature Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Quick Fix Synthetic Urine
Manufacturer Clear Choice Spectrum Labs
Heating methods Uses heating powder with pads Only pads (more unreliable)
Ease of use Comes premixed Required precise mixing
Effectiveness/success rate 100 %, 16 years of lab research Less effective
Formula Identical to human pee Contains urea, imitates real pee
Ingredients 11 different compounds Just basic components
Specific gravity Balanced pH Not specified
Creatinine Balance for real creatinine levels Includes creatinine
Temperature control Activator powder for temp control Heating pads only
Additional products Includes heat pads and powder Sold separately
Price About $ 100 About $ 50

As you can see, Quick Luck has better effectiveness rates and more additional products in the kit.

Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Kit – Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Easy to Detect Quick Luck Synthetic Urine as Fake During a Drug Test?

This product’s formula matches the components and look of real human urine. It includes uric acid and urea, as well as offering perfect balance in pH levels along with specific gravity. If you use this product according to its instructions, you ought to pass the drug test with ease.

How Warm Should the Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Be For It to Pass as Real Pee?

The perfect temperature for Quick Luck Synthetic Urine is about 94°F to 100°F. This temperature range matches the actual warmth of human urine immediately after its release from the body. It’s very important to keep the sample within this temperature range before giving a lab test.

How Do I Keep Quick Luck Synthetic Urine at the Correct Temperature for Testing?

The Quick Luck Synthetic Urine kit includes two heat pads and a special heating powder. These heating pads can keep the necessary temperature at least for 10 hours. The heat activator powder helps to get the desired temperature range quicker than any other product. It is very crucial to use these tools correctly to maintain the right level of warmth for a fake pee sample.

How Long Can I Use Quick Luck Synthetic Urine After Opening?

It is preferable to use this product within 8 hours after opening. Open on the test day. If you can’t use it right away, put the opened bottle in the fridge for 48 hours or in the freezer for up to 6 months.

Is It Legal to Use Quick Luck for a Drug Test in The United States?

It depends on the state where you pass the test. Even if the federal law doesn’t say directly that using fake pee to pass a drug test is illegal, some states have their own specific rules against making, selling, or using synthetic urine for this purpose. These states are New Hampshire, Arkansas, Indiana, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Also, it is always worth checking the local state or county laws before buying this product.


Quick Luck Synthetic Urine is a smart solution for people who have to pass regular laboratory drug tests at the workplace. This top-notch fake pee product includes ingredients such as uric acid that successfully imitate real human urine’s consistency, temperature, and look. It uses a tech-savvy heat activation system with clear instructions and heating strips to control the temperature.

Quick Luck Synthetic Urine is a convenient and useful product for those who search for an infallible way to pass the pee drug check-ups – assuring privacy as well as peace of mind.

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