Telehealth expert touts tool for CDEs


Gary Capistrant, MA

Telehealth is not new to the healthcare arena, but demand continues to increase. With consumers seeking immediate, convenient and option-filled healthcare services, telehealth has become a prime option. The wide-scale access, economies of scale, provider productivity, and technology of telehealth is well suited for certified diabetes educators (CDEs).

Gary Capistrant, MA, chief policy officer with the American Telemedicine Association, Washington, D.C., will share his telehealth expertise during “Telemedicine for Improving Diabetes Care” from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm today in Room 220-222.

“Telehealth tools are increasing in use. At the same, there is increasing focus on chronic care needs and opportunities, such as remote patient monitoring and chronic care management. A particularly pertinent issue is adding certified diabetes educators, at least by interactive video visits, to Medicare outpatient self-management training coverage,” said Capistrant, whose expertise in health policy spans more than 30 years.

Capistrant will provide an overview of telehealth policies and trends, notably for coverage and reimbursement, and he will discuss opportunities to support and enhance the quality of patient care.

He noted that telehealth overcomes time and distance barriers, professional shortages, disparities in access to care, hospital readmission rates, emergency department overuse, and delivery costs, while offering convenient quality care. It also brings payment incentives, care coordination, electronic health records, broadband availability, and online patient tools.

“To continue to succeed in the evolving healthcare marketplace, it is important that CDEs understand telehealth and know how to take advantage of telehealth tools to improve patient services and empower patients,” Capistrant said.

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